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Thank You All!

Without all of you this game wouldn't have been possible so thank you all again for being a part of Funk Unplugged!


Core Team


Andre Gracias- Producer

Dillon Wallace- Lead Level Designer

Pat Regan- Programmer

Matt Marten- Lead Artist/Social Media

Elliott Cox- Sound Designer


Assets/Hands On


Kelly Carpenter - Video Editing

Ray Bach- 3D Model and Animation

Wolf Romero - Art

Joel Rodriguez- Art

Becca Smith - Art

Chris Nystedt - Music

Tyler Ribarchik- Music 


Marta Marten- Social Media/ Marketing
Mike Wenzel- Advertising/ Marketing/ Web Design/ Art
Alex Graner- Level Design
Josh Delson- Level Design


Special Thanks


Donato Martino
Eggy- Fan Art

Sam Skatch and the Hydra Interchange  Team (#hailhydra)

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