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Funk Unplugged Quick Fixes

Hello everyone! We have just released the first update for Funk Unplugged! Some issues may still be present, but we wanted to fix up ones causing bigger issues. You can read about them below. Stay Funky!

Funk Unplugged Update - 5/26

  • There seems to be a rare case of the customization menus locking up at times. To alleviate this while we investigate, pushing either escape, enter, or start on the Xbox Gamepad should close any menu

  • Updated controller menu to show crouch controls for xbox

  • Treble Tropics Track 2 - attempted fix at shaking water

  • Arctic Aria Track 3 - attempted fix for platforms that player could not properly land on over water section

  • Arctic Aria Boss - attempted fix where boss’ arm would not properly return to boss

  • New Tempo City Track 3 - Fixed invisible wall colliders

Known errors

  • Some saw spedora enemies may not damage the player on impact

  • Players may need to talk to jolt-reward bots twice for their reward to activate

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