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Funk Unplugged Update - 5/28

Hello Funky Fans!

In an attempt to stay funky-fresh, we are pushing out another update that will go live later today! A big point of feedback so far has been the sprinting double-jump. In an attempt to maintain game balance while also listening to fan feedback, we have pushed an update to this jump, but it will be subject to change based on reaction & additional testing. Read up on the changes below:

- Edited sprinting double-jump. The original sprint jump now goes slightly less high, and the sprint double-jump goes less high, but maintains momentum from the first jump.

- Fixed an issue with the player collecting too many Jolts in Arctic Aria Track 1.

- Attempt at fix for mines not disappearing upon player death in New Tempo City Track 3.

- Fixed an issue where the skins/hats menus would lock up with a controller.

- Fixed an issue where the Jolt-Reward NPCs wouldn't activate the reward properly.

- Fixed an issue where the Desert Camo skin would unlock the Grey Camo skin.

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