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The Weekly "Bass" Drop 2/7/2018

Welcome Funky Fans!

Happy February! A new month means we're even closer to getting a copy of Funk Unplugged into your hands. While you wait, you can read about what we've been up to this week, which includes some level building and a trailer!

Did Someone Say Trailer?

You bet we did! Since it's still quite cold outside, we thought it would be fitting to give you all the biggest look at the game's second world, the Arctic Aria. The trailer gives a quick look into each of the world's three main levels, the Viking Village, the Chilly Caverns, and the Holiday Town. In case you missed it, check it out below before we dive in to break it down.


The Viking Village level takes the player on an adventure through the cold in search of one of the broken Platinum Records. Little does Ampy know that the record was taken into a viking fortress now occupied by G-Bots!

The second level, the Chilly Caverns, has Ampy going deep underground to find another record. These frozen caves are also home to parts of an old forgotten Soundscape arena. The combination of natural ice formations and ancient architecture makes for some interesting exploring.

The third level takes place in an open-ended Holiday town. Here, the player must gain access to the Gift Workshop to find the record, but they'll need to complete some favors around town first. The G-Bots have been busy running amok, ruining everyone's holiday spirit!

On top of that, this trailer teases the word's boss battle! Although Ampy can manipulate the environment around him, it would seem the G-Bots can as well, as they have built a truly abominable snow-creature...are you strong enough to take it down?

Unin-Vine-ted Guests

As mentioned last week, the spooky world is nearing completion! Beattoven's Castle has been overtaken by mysterious vines (no, not the wonderful 6-second videos of yesteryear*), no doubt a cause of the G-Bot's interfering with the musical balance of the world. Can Ampy traverse the innards of the Castle and put a stop to this?

That's all we have for this week! Moving forward, we begin our final push, as we start construction on some more boss fights, as well as continue to polish up the experience as a whole. Also, a special thanks to Kelly Carpenter for masterfully editing together the biggest trailer for our game yet. We hope the trailer keeps you entertained until next week. Until then, stay funky!

Believe it or not, Ampy made an appearance on Vine once before. Will he return to v2? Stay tuned.

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