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The Weekly "Bass" Drop 2/1/2018

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

Welcome Funky Fans!

This is the very first Vamped Games weekly blog post, where we’ll talk all things Funk Unplugged, our upcoming 3D Platformer. The game was Kickstarted (thanks) and Greenlit (thanks again) all the way back in 2016, and we’re gearing up for release, so strap in to get your fill of development updates!

New Year, New Us

Happy 2018! Our new year’s resolution this year (besides finally releasing Funk Unplugged to you all) was to get a makeover, and boy have we! We have finalized our game and company’s logo. Check them out below!

Winter is Here

In case you missed it, we released a teaser for one of our game’s levels that just happens to be based off of the seasonal holidays. You can check it out here! The holidays have passed, but winter is very much still here. Given we have a whole world based on these chilly times (at least for us Northern-Hemisphere folk), maybe we’ll be showing off a bit more of that in the near future...

Change it Up

One of Ampy’s key abilities is the use of the Funk, specifically the Transformation Beam. This allows Ampy to change and manipulate his environment through a beam made of Funky musical energy, either through fixing broken objects or moving things too large for him to move himself.

The system involves being within range, firing the beam for a second, and then the item would repair itself or move to a specific location. This recently has received an update, where the item can fix itself in real time as you’re using the beam! As opposed to charging the item to fix itself, the player will be fixing it themselves! If the player doesn’t see it all the way through, it will reset itself, so keep playing that Funky music!

Time To Clean House

Beattoven’s Castle, Funk Unplugged’s haunted Third World, is nearing completion, as work continues on the final level. The world has graveyards and hedge mazes, so now it just needs a haunted house! This will be our game’s second interior level, with almost the entirety of the rest of the game being outside, which provides some different gameplay opportunities.

This level will introduce a new mechanic involving illuminating your path, so hopefully you’re not too afraid of the dark!

City Planning

Work continues on the game’s fourth world, New Tempo city. These levels are in the final stages of gameplay polish before we make them look good. These levels take place pretty close to the end of the game, so making sure they’re juuuust the right level of difficult requires some fine-tuning.

There’s not much to show from here right now, but let us assure you: if you like rooftops, cranes, evil office robots, and the hit TV show Wipeout, you’re in for a treat!

Hooked on a Healing

Levels aren’t the only thing being worked on; we’re also constantly tweaking and improving our games User Interface. We’ve recently finished up our health system. Here’s a peak!

Full Stream Ahead

You may not think it, but there’s a growing community of indie game developers in Chicago. We have recently been in talks to attend a community meetup organized by the lovely folks at Twitch Chicago. While we don’t have much to share at the moment, we’ll definitely share more in the coming weeks.


That’s all for our very first blog post! Congratulations, if you read this far, you’ve won a reward; a high-five from Ampy! Thanks so much for reading. Stay warm and we’ll see you next week!

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