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Weekly "Bass" Drop 2/28/2018

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

Welcome Funky Fans!

Can you believe it's almost March? We can't but that brings us one whole month closer to putting our passion-project into your hands! Speaking of that...

April Showers? Nah, May Flowers.

If Funk Unplugged was considered a flower, it would be ready to bloom this May! We announced last week that Funk Unplugged will be releasing May 22nd on Steam! We're so excited to have finally picked a date to share the game with you all. Mark your calendars!

Full Steam Ahead!

Part of getting this game out into the world is making sure it works with Steam. Firstly, we made a build of the game that can be launched through Steam after reading through a lot of Steam's (very helpful) documentation. It was almost surreal seeing our game able to be launched through the Steam desktop application. We never even dreamed our game would get to this point when we were back in college.

Additionally, we are working on ways to integrate the game itself with Steam features. After a couple hours of tinkering (with many more to come), we managed to be able to pull the current user's name and avatar photo! The photo came in upside down, but that can be fixed! Probably...

Spooky Scary Hat-Ghost

Work continues on the Third World Boss, the Boodora. After some feedback, we have given it an additional way to attack the player in the form of an energy swipe. This is being added on top of the toxic volleys and the level hazards, making for a challenging boss encounter.

However, the Boodora is not invincible. It can be damaged with the power of Funk! Funk condensed into an energy beam, that is.

Wrap Up

And that wraps up another week of Funk Unplugged updates! With less than 3 months until release, we'll be working our behinds off to get this game to where it needs to be, and we're confident we can do it! Thanks for reading, and stay funky!

Vamped Games

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