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Weekly "Bass" Drop 3/15/2018

Welcome Funky Fans!

Were you hoping this week would feature a holiday tie-in, like we did on Valentine's Day? Then you're in luck! Luck of the Irish, that is! Ampy's fully in spirit for the holiday! Considering half his job is hunting down golden objects, it's only fitting. And yes, of course this will be in the game!

What time is it?

A certain member of our team, who shall remain nameless, has been asking for a particular feature for some time. And finally, it has been made, and it's as cool as he imagined. Players will now have the ability to (in certain levels) change the time of day!

For example, in the second Beathoven's Castle level, while the default time is night, sunset and daytime will also be available to play in! However, like all great things, this feature must be unlocked.

That's a Wrap!

After weekly updates, the Boodora boss has finally been finished! There may be some final balance tweaks of course, but the mechanics, art, and cutscenes are all wrapped up!

Customization Showcase: Jolt-Lovin' Leprechaun

As you saw at the beginning of the post, Ampy's quite festive. This week's skin showcase is the leprechaun skin and hat! Players can obviously pair these together, or pair them with others to make some wacky combos.

Wrap Up

And that's all we have to share this week! Next week we tackle our biggest milestone yet; -redacted-! Can we give some hints as to what that may be next week? Who knows! But we'll definitely have more to share, so be sure to check back. Stay funky!

Vamped Games

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