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Weekly "Bass" Drop 3/8/2018

Welcome Funky Fans!

Another week, another Bass Drop! We know, we're sorry this one's a bit behind, but we promise there's some cool stuff to show you, from some updated boss visuals, cutscenes, and comparisons to yesteryear!

The Boo-tiful Boodora

The Boodora is feature complete and nearly done with art pass just about finished. The level features you running through the long hallways of Beethoven's Castle.

The beginning of this level also features something we haven't discussed too much yet: cutscenes!

While we won't have a lot of them, certain events in game will have cutscenes, showing Ampy and his companion, Bro-Light, going on adventures and getting themselves into hi-jinx!

Bro-Light - Ultimate Buddy!

You might recognize that other bot with Ampy from a previous update where we detailed the help system. This little guy is Bro-Light, and he's Ampy's partner-in-funk, providing help however he can. On top of showing up in cutscenes, you can talk with him in the hub as well. He will give introductions to levels with special objectives, as well as show up when you activate help icons!

A Long Way Comin'

It's been almost two years since our Kickstarter was handed (thanks again, by the way <3), and what better way to honor that than to look back and do a quick comparison of some visuals from back then to now!

The first image is a comparison of the intro screen that you see on boot-up. While this may get changed a lot before release, this is what it looks like now. As you can see, all of our tropics assets have been updated, and now we have stuff to show from other worlds!

These next two show a comparison for the third Tropic level. There's some nice baked lighting in the older scene that just didn't translate to the newer version of the level. That said, we're still working on visual polish so who knows if this will get even better!

Finally, here's a comparison of the 3D concept we had for the ice level and what a snippet from the actual level looks like. Quite a difference, if we don't say so ourselves!

Skin Showcase: That Crazy Marsupial!

Moving forward, we'll be showing off a new skin each week up until release! We certainly won't have time to cover them all, but we'll show you some of our favorites. This skin is our artist Matt Marten's favorite. He personally likes to pair this skin with the shark fins. Fun Fact: we based this off of some crazy-spinning marsupial from the 90s! He's looking really good these days...

Wrap Up

That's it for this week! Thank you for reading and be sure to keep up to date by following us on Twitter @Vamped_Games. See you next week, and stay funky!

Vamped Games

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