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Weekly "Bass" Drop 4/11/2018

The Weekly (Bass) Drop Welcome in Funky Fans!

We’re less than two months out! Hard to believe we’re so close to putting our game in your hands. Our coffee stock runs low, but our enthusiasm is as high as ever! This weeks update will focus on a new gameplay mechanic, some rendering changes, and a small little tease.

Cityscape Gliding

When Ampy gets to New Tempo City, he’ll need a new move to traverse from building-to-building. Bro-Light will hook him up with a brand new technique, the glider! This ability let’s ampy descend at a lower pace by generating a glider with his funky powers. The functionality is complete, but the glider itself is still a bit of a work in progress, take a look at some development screenshots!

Yes yes, the glider would be great for a Battle Royale mode, but we’re not making one of those. Or are we…?

No, we’re not. If we are, no one’s told me.

Make it POP

sSkin Showcase: Toony! of new ways to improve Funk Unplugged’s visuals, and we recently added in a bloom effect! Essentially, this make brighter colors have a bit of a glow to them, to mimic real life lights, and to add a little extra POP to our visuals. It is definitely most noticeable in darker environments. It doesn’t seem to affect performance much, but it will be toggle-able in the game’s settings!

Skin Showcase: Toony!

This week, we have an interesting skin to show off, one of our Toon skins! This skin utilizes a different shader, giving it a cell-shaded style toon look.

Wait, you promised a tease!

I did! Here it is. What could it be??

That’s it for the week! Enjoy the warmer weather, if it is warmer by you, and we’ll see you next week! I hope that crab’s okay...

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