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Weekly "Bass" Drop 4/18/2018

Welcome in Funky Fans! 34 days. 816 hours. At least 10000 minutes. Maybe that math isn’t right, but the clock is certainly ticking on release! There’s still much to do, and much to show off! Let’s take a look at SoundScapes, the Arctic, and even the City! *Note: Due to an error with an earlier blog post, some of this is repeated content. We just want to make sure you see it :)

SoundScapes? Sounds Cool!

You bet they are! SoundScapes are bonus levels taking place in a simulated, digital landscape, created with funky energy. These levels were made possible by reaching a Kickstarter stretch-goal, so thanks again for that! Unlike some of the other levels, these will be straight-forward, ranging from obstacle course, to racing, to puzzle-solving. These levels will be free post-launch content, to be released in the coming months following launch. One will be included at launch, to give you all a taste. Take a look at one that’s a work-in-progress below!

Huh, that looks sort of familiar…

If you’ve been following development on our game for a while, that architecture may look familiar. That’s because it’s Rockhallan. Rockhalla is the main hub world, which features Rockhallan architecture, but it’s also hidden away, deep in the ice caves of the Arctic Aria. This level was recently darkened a bit, to add some mystery to exploring. Take a look below!

Changing Tempo - New Tempo City

The fourth world in Funk Unplugged is New Tempo City. We haven’t showed much of it at all, as it was last in the art pipeline, but nearly complete, so let’s take a look! We'll dive more in depth closer to release.

Ouch, That Hurt!

For those who have played our game before release, you may have noticed that when the player's health-bar reached zero, Ampy sort of, well, exploded into pieces. We thought that was a bit cruel for our buddy, so we've given that a bit of an upgrade! Now Ampy can stay in one piece (literally).

Don't worry, there won't be any Spedora's in the Hub. We've deployed the bug-spray.

Skin Showcase - Skating Crimson

We were inspired by our Chicago roots to make this skin, and it goes quite well with the hockey gear, if we do say so ourselves! Take a look below!

We Want Another Tease!

Another tease? Fine! How's this?

That’s all we got for this week! With less than 2 months to release, we’re deep in play-testing and polishing to finish this thing strong! See you next week, and stay funky!

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