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Weekly "Bass" Drop - 5/9/2018

Welcome In Funky Fans!

Less than two weeks! We're so close to sharing this with you all! Let's dive into what to expect at launch, post-launch, and some other goodies.

The Final Countdown!

On May 22nd, you'll be able to have a copy of our game in your lovely hands, in the form of a game in your Steam Library. At launch, there will be 4 worlds, multiple bosses, and tons of customization options! Post-launch, we will be adding SoundScape bonus levels and additional customization options, for FREE! Part of our way of saying thanks for the years of support our fans have given us.

Show Me The Customization!

Skins and Outfits are unlocked by either finding them in levels or collecting Jolts. You can then visit the specific NPC in the hub world to have them deck you out in your favorite look!

Show Us More!

We will! Assuming all goes as planned, next week we will have a lot to show! Streamers may get their hands on some copies, and maybe we'll even have a trailer? We'll just have to see!

That's All Folks!

Sorry to keep it short again, but there's some important work calling our name! We'll see you next week! Stay Funky!

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